Managing Our Business Responsibly

​​​​​​​​​Managing Our Business Responsibly

Viacom’s audiences trust us to act responsibly. We take this trust very seriously, doing the right thing for employees, suppliers, partners and shareholders; and minimizing our impact on the planet. ​



Viacom looks for opportunities big and small to respect the environment and minimize the footprint we leave behind. We use our global stage to spark environmental conversations with our audiences, advertisers, affiliates, talent and licensees. We regularly engage business leaders, policymakers and influencers to advocate for responsible environmental policies.


Recycle paper, plastic, cans, glass, batteries, cooking grease and office supplies 
Use 100 percent compostable cups  
Follow sustainable purchasing and procurement policies
Offer certified e-waste disposal for employees to recycle electronic items from home 
Use multifunctional copiers, NightWatchman PC power management and Energy Star appliances
Retrofit lighting with energy-efficient LEDs 
Reuse existing materials in new construction projects
Upgrade equipment to improve efficiency and sustainability at all facilities 


Roll out resource reduction programs to multiple offices and regions
Replace 100 percent of incandescent light bulbs with energy-efficient alternatives 
Install motion/daylight sensors in 100 percent of offices where feasible
Divert at least 70 percent of waste from landfills
Recycle 100 percent of batteries, cell phones and small electronics
Upgrade all restrooms with low-flow lavatories and urinals
Establish a dedicated office or Green Committee to develop and manage energy reduction strategies
Verify 100 percent Energy Star compliance for all appliance purchases
Ensure 60 percent of cleaning products meet Green Seal or equivalent standards
Introduce a companywide corporate travel policy 
Meet LEED standards for offices by 2020
Create employee “green teams” 


As an entertainment company, Viacom’s programming often reflects what’s happening in the moment. We feel a responsibility to depict situations — however raw — in culturally sensitive and respectful ways. The company’s Standards and Practices group objectively evaluates content, paying particular attention to stereotyping, marketing to children and racial, feminist and transgender bias. 


Viacom is an exciting, progressive company in a highly creative industry. We’re also an international entity touching millions of lives every day, including our audiences, employees, suppliers and shareholders. We take this responsibility very seriously and always conduct business in an ethical, legal and respectful way. Our Global Business Practices Statement outlines the standards we expect of our employees and others working on our behalf. Along with our values, it sets a tone for excellence and guides us on how to handle day-to-day situations. We know, of course, that no document can cover everything, so we have a 24/7 international helpline called OPENLINE that employees can call if something doesn’t seem right or they see behavior that goes against our policies. 


Viacom vigorously supports and defends intellectual property rights, including the copyright and trademark laws that protect the jobs and the people who make a living telling stories. We work closely with our peers in the industry, activists, independent artists and other broad coalitions to ensure creators’ rights are respected. 


We rely on outside suppliers in many parts of our business. Because these organizations and contractors can be seen as extensions of Viacom, they must adhere to the same standards we expect of our own employees. We ask all suppliers to review, understand and adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct. 


The Viacom Government Relations team creates and manages relationships with political opinion leaders and policymakers to initiate and respond to issues affecting our industry. We also work with our associations in Washington, D.C., to help our nonprofit partners’ voices be heard.


Social responsibility is in Viacom’s DNA. We drive action on the issues that are important to our audiences — often very visibly, though sometimes under the radar. Most of our social efforts are run by the Viacom Corporate Responsibility Council (VCRC), comprising social responsibility leaders from across the company. The Viacom Board of Directors periodically reviews these activities, their performance, Viacom’s labor standards and environmental risk. ​


Viacom strives to make our company a great place to work. Key pieces of this equation are a positive culture and benefits that give employees peace of mind and show appreciation for their commitments to Viacom. Among our offerings are an Employee Assistance Program for employees going through difficult times, and a Wellness Studio at our New York City headquarters, giving employees easy access to low-cost fitness classes, personal training and personal/professional services.
Just as Viacom wants to know what audiences think and want, the company gives employees the opportunity to speak their minds. In 2014, we conducted a companywide global employee survey in which 86 percent of employees participated. We are using the results to adjust current programs and create new ones to ensure Viacom is always an employer of choice.   

Viacom is not just a place to work; it’s a place to grow. We have learning and development programs for every career stage, from individual contributor to senior executive. These programs reflect the company’s commitment to business imperatives and good corporate citizenship.  

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