About Viacommunity

​Viacommunity’s mission is simple – to better the communities which Viacom serves, and make a positive social impact on the people and areas where we work and live. It’s about leveraging the power of Viacom’s brands to drive action on the issues that matter to stakeholders. And it’s amplifying those acts, spreading their impact to help others make a difference. Plain and simple, it’s Impact. Amplified. 

Our Approach
Viacommunity approaches its community efforts collaboratively, working with organizations on-the-ground who are best equipped to turn awareness into action. We partner with local and national organizations, schools and community groups, foundations, and corporations to ensure our work is closely tied to the people and resources making an impact. 

Through collaboration with groups that understand the importance of evaluating efforts,​​​ we can improve and strengthen initiatives to produce real and lasting change. For us, it’s essential to evaluate the effectiveness of our initiatives to inform our strategy, deepen our audience engagement and further our commitment to social change. Viacommunity measures initiatives on the benchmarks of: Reach, Engagement, and Impact, ensuring campaigns deliver an REI in addition to ROI. ​
​Our Focus​
Viacom’s sense of social responsibility has long been a part of our culture; it’s in our DNA. With the mix of creativity and energy that fuels all of Viacom’s businesses, Viacommunity addresses a whole spectrum of issues and causes, which touch our audiences around the globe. 

With over 50 initiatives across the company, each of Viacom’s brands work to reflect the interests of their audiences in unique and organic ways. Within the Viacommunity umbrella, we​ seek to make a difference in their communities through a shared lens focusing on four action areas: Education, Health & Wellness, Environment and Citizenship. 
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