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Paramount Fights HIV/AIDS is a founding sponsor of AIDS Walk Los Angeles. Since 1985, hundreds of Paramount employees have teamed up to bring in tens of thousands of dollars for AIDS Project Los Angeles.​


​Paramount Fights HIV/AIDS, empowers kids to voice their opinions and concerns, and teaches about the importance of elections and voting.   ​


MTV’s iconic Choose or Lose campaign, is developed to inform, engage and empower young people on the issues that impact their lives. The campaign has been re-created each presidential election cycle since 1992. ​


Paramount’s first Viacommunity Day on which hundreds of employees participate in projects in the local community. ​


VH1 Save the Music founded as a nonprofit organization dedicated to restoring instrumental music education in America’s public schools, and raising awareness about the importance of music as part of each child’s complete education. Since 1997, it has provided more than $48 million in new musical instruments to 1,800 public schools. ​

The Kaiser Family Foundation and MTV partner to create an award winning public information campaign, MTV It’s Your (Sex) Life, on HIV/AIDS, other STDs and related sexual health issues. ​

Pioneering global HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention campaign, MTV Staying Alive created, dedicated to the concept that young people around the world have the power to change the dynamics of the HIV/AIDS crisis. ​

BET Rap-It-Up established, a comprehensive initiative to inform and educate African- American men and women, especially those between the ages of 13 and 25, about HIV/AIDS. Its broadcast programming and online presence have reached millions of viewers.​


MTV’s Fight for Your Rights: Take a Stand Against Discrimination educates audiences about discrimination and helps them fight it within their communities and themselves. The initiative addresses some of the most prevalent types of discrimination in communities today, including those based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and physical and/or mental ability. ​


The Emmy and Peabody award-winning global media campaign Know HIV/AIDS combats HIV/AIDS through public service messages, television, radio programming, and free print and online content to foster awareness of the disease and its prevention.​

TV Land & Nick @ Nite Family Table’s goal is to bring families to the table in an effort to help them share meals and much more.

Nickelodeon’s Let’s Just Play​​ is designed to empower kids to engage in active, healthy and fun play. Nickelodeon devotes 10 percent of its non-programmed airtime to encouraging kids to turn off the TV and play.​​

The BET Foundation is created to raise awareness and take action on a series of wide-ranging health-related challenges faced within African American communities.​

MTV EXIT ​raises awareness and increases prevention of the trafficking of persons for sexual and/or labor exploitation via on-air programming, online content, music video collaborations, PSAs, live event tours and partnerships with anti-trafficking organizations.​​

The MTV Europe Foundation seeks to educate MTV’s youth audience on key social and human rights issues facing them and their peers. 


MTVU’s Sudan Campaig​n offers an online resource providing activists with political and humanitarian ways to get involved in the crisis in Sudan, along with news updates and background information on the crisis.  ​

VH1 and The Global Fund join to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. 98 percent of funds go directly to lifesaving programs around the world.​​

Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play encourages children to live healthier lives by getting up, being active and enjoying play. ​


CMT One Country is created to inspire viewers to actively improve their communities through simple acts of kindness, civic participation, and volunteerism. The initiative’s “The Power of One” campaign helps audiences realize the power one person can have and gives them the resources to make a difference. ​

​The Comedy Central Summer School internship program invites aspiring comedy writers of color to receive hands-on experience in a variety of departments, make invaluable industry contacts and hone their writing skills while working side-by-side with some of the best in the comedy business. ​​​


MTVU, in partnership with The Jed Foundation, launches Half of Us, to help reduce the suicide rate of college students and fight the stigma of mental health on college campuses. Through Half of Us, students learn about the warning signs, find help on their campus and connect with other students around the country. ​

thinkMTV’s Break the Addiction targets a new generation of environmental activists, working with the  largest environmental organizations in the country, educating young people on breaking the addiction to over-consumption,  and encouraging them to take responsibility for the world.​

VH1 "Get Up Stand Up" is a collaboration with Mercy Corps to help carry out short term and long term Hurricane relief efforts. In the aftermath of Katrina, VH1 organized a companywide drive that donated school supplies, tools and other needed equipment to Mercy Corps to help with recovery efforts.​

MTV Latin America Agentes de Cambio is a youth-driven pro-social initiative that empowers young people to put ideas into action to make a positive difference in their communities. This campaign gives young people an open forum to tell their stories of how they are making a difference and promotes young people’s involvement on various development issues that affect them.

MTV Tr3s Voc​es is established to provide a voice for young Latinos in the U.S. and empower Latino youth to graduate high school and prepare for college and beyond.


​Viacom works to raise funds for the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial through the Martin Luther King Dream Concert. 

Think.MTV.com is an online community where young people, their friends and some of the biggest names in pop culture gather to effect positive social change. ​

Spike True Dads shows the importance of dads taking more active parenting roles by reaching audiences on-air, online and through grassroots efforts in local communities.​​

MTV Channel the Change: Darfur is part of MTVU's ongoing  campaign to inform and empower college students to help stop the crisis in Darfur. ​​

The VH1 Classic Rock Autism campaign helps build awareness of autism and raises funds for a variety of autism research, advocacy and support programs. ​​

VH1 Nothing But Nets works to raise awareness of insecticide-treated bed nets and provide villages and families with the necessary nets to stop malaria before it spreads.​​

​MTV Switch aims to address climate change by promoting positive lifestyle choices among global youth that will lead to a reduction in their carbon emissions.

Nick Jr.'s Get Ready to Read campaign is dedicated to building early literacy skills and awareness. In partnership with First Book, Nick Jr. is delivering on its mission to be like "preschool on TV" by making childhood literacy a curriculum priority and by helping to put books into the hands of kids who need them.​​


Spike True Dads in Uniform seeks to connect military fathers who are deployed abroad with their families by providing them with the means to videotape themselves reading stories and send them to their families at home. ​​

MTVU and the Kaiser Family Foundation, in partnership with “Poz” magazine, develop MTV Pos or Not, an online game that confronts the stigma and stereotypes that prevent people from talking openly about HIV/AIDS, getting tested and using protection.

MTV Tre3s’ “Tu Voz. Your Vote.” campaign engages and empowerwyoung Latino people to exercise their right to vote in the 2008 presidential election. ​

Nickelodeon Latin America’s Mas Verde/Verdito provides tips throughout the day to awaken kids’ sense of social consciousness and healthy habits through simple, daily tasks, including: help, learn, share, care, save, take action, preserve and respect.​​

MTVU Indebted in partnership with the Peter G. Peterson Foundation raises awareness about the dangers of excessive personal and government debt, promotes action to help stop the fiscal crisis young people in the United States are inheriting and empowers college students to take control of their financial futures.​

Nickelodeon UK’s The Big Green Thing helps explain climate change to kids and empowers them to make a difference.​


CMT One Country joins forces with multiplatinum recording artist Dierks Bentley for CMT & Dierks Bentley: Miles and Music for Kids, with proceeds going to help local Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.​​

Comedy Central PVT Jokes ships over 500 entertainment kits to forward operating bases overseas and targeted hospitals caring for troops injured in combat. ​

Viacom and MTV’s 2SMRT4U, with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, provides teenage girls with vital information on how to be smarter while using e-mail, blogs, chat, instant messaging and other forms of Internet communication. 

MTV GYT (Get Yourself Tested) with partners including the Planned Parenthood Federation of America and the Centers for Disease Control, encourages every sexually-active under-25-year-old to get tested for STDs.​​

Serve.MTV.com enables young people to get involved with volunteerism and service opportunities in their local communities. ​​

Paramount Pictures launches Paramount Kindergarten to Cap & Gown in 2009, which allows employees to accompany students through their entire elementary, middle and high school educations and become personally involved in the lives of students through mentoring, reading, and career/higher education exploration. ​

Viacom is a founding partner of Get Schooled, which is dedicated to identifying sustainable and effective approaches to increase high school and college graduation rates, improve postsecondary readiness and promote the fundamental importance of education.​​

Paramount’s Green. It’s Paramount to Us supports organizations that address key issues such as clean air, wildlife protection, and conservation of resources. ​


BET Networks aligned with music's brightest stars for BET SOS Saving Ourselves: Help for Haiti benefit concert and telethon in 2010. Stars, including Wyclef Jean, Justin Bieber, Keri Hilson, President Clinton and countless more, captivated audiences while assisting in the efforts of raising donations for the devastated victims of Haiti.

MTV Networks’ "Hope for Haiti Now: A Global Benefit for Earthquake Relief” raises over $61 million for Haiti earthquake relief.


Spike Hire a Veteran is committed to helping our veterans find jobs. These men and women are some of the best trained, most dedicated leaders and teammates this nation has to offer. Spike’s slogan is “hiring them isn't just good for the country, it's good for business”. 


BET Vote, Comedy Central Indecision and MTV Power of 12 inform and unleash the power of their respective audiences in the 2012 election. 


BET Networks & The National Action Network partner to form Mothers on a Mission (MOM) Against Urban Violence,  appealing to women throughout the world to unite for peace.

​Viacom joins forces with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation as lead media partner for the organization, dedicated to to creating a safe community that helps connect young people with the skills and opportunities they need to build a kinder, braver world.

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