​​Our People & Culture

Culture & Values
The strength of our company is​ our employees, some of the most talented and creative in the industry. Our multigenerational, multicultural workforce has shaped a unique culture centered on creative excellence, teamwork, opportunity and inclusion. This shared set of values drives everything we do at Viacom, helping us better connect with our audiences and recruit and retain the best in the business.

We are committed to fostering an environment that engages and respects each of our employees as individuals, supporting them as they flourish both professionally and personally. Our programs and opportunities, extending throughout every level of the company and across every department, are constantly reevaluated to ensure they remain relevant and effective for all.  
Global Inclusion
“Viacom will foster a culture of inclusiveness, which holds leadership accountable for creating, developing, promoting and championing a diverse, multicultural workforce where all people can achieve and contribute to the company’s success.”

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In our business, understanding different cultures is a major advantage. Our brands —from MTV and Nickelodeon to Paramount and BET—appeal to and reflect an extraordinarily diverse array of consumers. We embrace global diversity and inclusion in all its forms, on screen and off, from our programming and films to employee programs and Viacommunity initiatives.

Reflecting the cultures and aspirations of our audiences means having a workforce and workplace that is diverse, multicultural and inclusive. Viacom’s Office of Global Inclusion serves as a companywide strategic resource and department dedicated to these issues. In addition, the Global Inclusion Advisory Committee (GIAC), a senior-level cross-functional internal “think tank,"  provides advice and counsel on all matters related to Diversity and inclusion. Its members serve as a shorthand to our business and have focused on initiatives such as employee-on boarding, executive leadership, and job rotation and mobility.
Through our companywide Employee Resource  Groups (ERGs), groups of employees establish greater presence with Viacom’s support, developing diversity and inclusion initiatives, enhancing professional development and supporting the company’s business goals. ERGs focus on career development, mentoring, networking, and community service and take the lead on heritage and cultural month activities and celebrations.

Current ERGs include: The Beat for African Americans, Somos for Latinx employees, AMP for Asian American professionals, Emerge for LGBTQ  + Straight allies, Fusion our Multicultural group, Thursday Think for Next Generation leaders,  HERE for women, and The ParentHood, a dedicated group for Viacom’s working parents.